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4547 C range of strain gauges

The C Series of strain gauges from HBM are designed to compensate for test subject mechanical changes due to thermal effects.

HBM has made the latest range of C Series Strain Gauges (SG’s) available, which has been specifically developed to cope with temperatures below 250C and minimise strain due to expansion.

Strain measurement at high temperature is among the most difficult issues for test engineers, as the basic strain gauge can often not distinguish between strain imposed by the intended mechanical process and expansion of the test material due to its temperature coefficient of expansion.

As temperature changes during a measurement with strain gauges, this can have undesirable effects on the result.  With this in mind, the latest range of Strain Gauges from HBM has been specifically developed for high and low temperatures from -269C to +250C – and is available with various geometries and temperature adjustments.

Featuring good mechanical flexibility and optimum adaption to the material measured, the measuring grid of the latest C Series consists of a distinctive, chrome-nickel alloy on a polyimide foil and is ideal for structural tests at exceptional temperature conditions.

Also suitable for applications in research and development, the automotive industry, and power plants as well as superconductors, the latest C Series of Strain Gauges provides a flexible and cost effective method for testing in both high and low temperature environments.

HBM has been involved in strain gauges for over 60 years and its range allows for an exceptionally wide scope of differing strain measurement applications, from experimental stress analysis, durability testing through to transducer manufacturing.

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