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DAQ sensors measure stress loads on extreme LJ5139 jaw crusher machines

Jonathan Newell finds out how stone crushing machines are using rugged SomatXR DAQ systems for measuring stress in extremely harsh environments.

There’s a limit to the amount of abuse even the most extreme machines can take before it has an effect on operational capability or reliability. Terex MPS builds equipment that has to endure prolonged exposure to the harsh conditions of quarrying and mining operations.

The company’s LJ series of highly mobile jaw crusher machinery is used for breaking up, crushing and transporting rock, a task that is heavily dependent on its ability to withstand permanent exposure to high levels of both shock and vibration.

Stress measurement

To make the correct assessment of the levels of stress its machines are exposed to in their working lives, Terex MPS needed a reliable and flexible system to measure stress and approached measurement specialist, HBM to provide a comprehensive and effective method.

To achieve this, HBM carried out a thorough investigation into the stone crushing and sorting operations carried out by Terex Pegson MPS machines. As a result, the company specified its rugged Data Acquisition (DAQ) system, SomatXR, which is particularly suitable for use in harsh environments, as well as the Somat MX1615B-R module and related accessories, which included RF-9 strain gauge rosettes.

The Somat MX1615B-R module is a strain gauge bridge amplifier designed with dust and water ingress protection. It enables connection in harsh environments of up to 16 sensors or strain gauges in full, half or quarter bridge configurations.

Measuring in harsh conditions

The selection of suitable equipment for withstanding the environment in which its machines operate was of particular importance for Terex MPS. “Often faced with wet and arduous conditions, the ability to operate reliably under harsh conditions and sudden impacts was a key consideration for the customer when it came to suggesting the SomatXR system” explains Gregg Todd, HBM Mobile Data Acquisition Specialist.

The powerful SomatXR data acquisition system is specifically developed for use in harsh environments and is protected from humidity, dust, shock and vibration so despite the immense load requirements and extreme environmental conditions, HBM was able to provide Terex MPS with the reliable and flexible system it required.

Remote Monitoring

The data acquisition system provides a web interface for simple operation without any software installation. This allows for convenient channel parameterisation, monitoring of measurement jobs and visualisation of measured data far away from the measuring point. This was a particularly significant feature for Terex MPS, given the nature of the measurement task.

Fault tolerance

Another factor which was taken into consideration when specifying the Somat XR series was the ability to be tolerant to intermittencies caused by the operating conditions. For instance, it’s often hard to anticipate all of the problems that may occur, such as losing measurement data due to unforeseen events, such as a power failure. The SomatXR system enables data to be continuously recorded. This means that should a failure interrupt a test, recorded data up until that point will be saved. This was a particularly relevant feature in terms of the long term tests, typically performed by Terex MPS.

The fault tolerant nature of the DAQ system employed at Terex MPS along with the ability to perform monitoring and analysis remotely from the machines were significant factors in establishing the Somat XR series as the product that was best able to cope with the extreme specifications of the stone crushing industry.

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