Stationary dynamometer for cutting machine measurements

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The Type 9139AA stationary dynamometer from Kistler provides engineers with the capability of making precise measurements for optimising cutting tools.

Precise analysis of the metal cutting process is an essential step whenever there is a need to optimise tools, verify machining strategies or test cooling lubricants. Thanks to its patented design, Kistler’s Type 9139AA stationary dynamometer constantly delivers highly accurate measurement results – even for high-performance cutting, which typically generates considerable heat.

Kistler’s latest stationary dynamometer features a compact yet rugged design with an impressively wide measuring range of 30kN in all three directions. Another highlight is the dynamometer’s high natural frequency. Kistler carried out extensive FEM analyses to optimise the design and structure, so natural frequencies of about 3 kHz are attained despite the instrument’s compact dimensions.

The type 9139AA dynamometer is designed for milling and flat grinding applications with high material removal rates. But it is also ideal for drilling, other cutting applications and force measurements in general.

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