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Brüel & Kjær is attending the Acoustic 2018 event in Cardif in April with sound and vibration analysis software and its acoustic camera.

Visitors to the Institute to Acoustics’ (IOA) ACOUSTIC 2018 conference, taking place on 23rd and 24th April in Cardiff, will get a first-hand demonstration of Brüel & Kjær’s new, user-centric sound and vibration analysis software, BK Connect.

Designed around the needs and tasks of engineers, BK Connect’s platform is suitable for use across many different industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and more.

BK Connect fully integrates with Brüel & Kjær’s LAN‐XI acquisition hardware. Together, they provide a comprehensive set of tools for measurements and data processing, with the flexibility to simplify the work process. It melds seamlessly into tailored workflows, over a wide range of engineering scenarios – from repetitive, standardised testing, to complex troubleshooting investigations.

The company’s acoustic camera – a complete kit for real-time noise source identification and data recording – will also be on display during the show. (Read our feature on the Acoustic Camera, “A sound dimension for NDT”) Designed to be up and running in 20 seconds, this tool makes it easy for engineers to identify and measure non-stationary noise events in areas such as aircraft cabins, cargo bays and passenger vehicles.

IOA’s ACOUSTIC 2018 will be held on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th April at City Hall, in Cathays Park, Cardiff.

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