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Toyota at Smart Community Japan event

Toyota is attending a smart community event in Japan with its new Prius PHV with solar charging and smart mobility features.

In its mission to create vehicles to suit a low carbon society, Toyota is unveiling its latest Prius PHV model at the Smart Community Japan exhibition taking place between 15th and 17th June in Tokyo.

Earmarked for general availability as early as this autumn, the Prius PHV features a roof installed advanced solar recharging system as well as a rapid recharging function for the Japanese market and large display navigation system with telematics.

As well as the Prius, Toyota will also display a cut-away model of a Mirai fuel cell vehicle along with an interactive display of the mechanism which generates electricity for motive power from fuel cells.

Recognising the increasingly connected environment in which vehicles are immersed and the Internet of Things (IoT) which they are part of, Toyota is also introducing its future telematics services for handling big data and the information taken from and delivered to vehicles in motion, an indispensible element of safe mobility.

Toyota aims to fulfill the goal of creating a smart mobility society focused on safety and peace of mind, linking people, cars and cities.

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