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Automatic window tinting improves office environment

The Halio smart tinting glass system can be automatically or manually controlled to improve privacy and energy efficiency in offices.

Kinestral Technologies has launched Halio, a smart-tinting glass that claims to be the world’s most advanced and responsive natural light management system. With its intuitive user interface, tinting speed and aesthetics, Halio ushers in an era of interactive windows and walls for homes and commercial buildings.

Halio is the first smart-tinting technology to deliver a product that is indistinguishable from ordinary clear glass. But unlike ordinary glass, Halio tints to shades of neutral grey to block unwanted light or to increase privacy when needed, giving architects and designers a versatile product to create more stunning interiors and exteriors while meeting energy efficiency targets.

Halio can be programmed to respond to the weather, time or the sun’s position during the day. Halio can also be manually operated – with a voice command or with intuitive wall mounted controls. Tinting begins instantly, and in less than two minutes begins delivering shade and glare protection. In large floor-to-ceiling windows, the darkest shade of grey, which provides privacy, is achieved in under five minutes.  Halio offers the flexibility of stopping mid-program when a desired shade is achieved.

When used for interior walls, Halio creates flexible, light-filled, open rooms that can become private on command, a perfect system for conference rooms and private offices.

“Halio is an easy-to-use natural light management system”, said Dr S B Cha, CEO of Kinestral. “Halio looks just like ordinary glass, but responds immediately to our individual needs to keep us comfortable and connected with the outside world and with each other. The advanced glass technology instantly transforms rooms into sanctuaries of natural light, offering comfort, privacy and a greater sense of well-being.”

Halio is designed to be as easy to use as a light switch. It’s a standalone system that gives users multiple control options – a mobile app, and stylish wall mount controls. It can also be activated by voice commands. Featuring bank-level encryption and security provisions, Halio integrates seamlessly with popular home and building automation systems.

Homeowners and building occupants retain complete control of when and how much natural light to let into their living and work spaces; Halio windows can tint independently or in groups. A user could, for example, tune Halio to tint one window to block out glare as they enjoy their morning coffee, while keeping surrounding windows clear.

Halio smart-tinting glass is ideal for homeowners who want to maintain connection with the outdoors without compromising control, privacy, and energy efficiency, as well as for building owners who want to provide their occupants with light-filled, open spaces that inspire and promote wellness.

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