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Charging station communication based on the Harting MICA computer

Harting and its technology partners are demonstrating their approach to smart vehicle charging at Hannover Messe.

Harting Automotive develops and makes charging cables and associated equipment for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for nearly all the relevant markets. The compay sets great store by partnerships and works with almost every German car maker and some European OEMs. Harting, innogy and Infotecs are at Hannover Messe to showcase their role as capable partners in an field of infrastructure for electric mobility.

The Harting Automotive range includes a mode 2 charging cable, a mode 3 charging cable and a DC rapid charger plug with the approvals and certificates required by the relevant legal requirements. At the end of 2016, the company became a direct supplier to VW for a specific e-mobility system and has since become a tier one supplier to BMW. “High-performance rapid charging will improve driver take-up of e-mobility,” says Marco Grinblats, Managing Director Harting Automotive with conviction.

Using the Rinspeed “Snap” concept vehicle Harting will present its super fast charging, innogy will supply the charging station – with a lot Harting hardware inside. Infotecs will encrypt the charging station communication system so that it is hack-proof. Two cars can be safely and comfortably charged at the same time with 22 kw, alternating current. Since the charging station complies with calibration law, only what is used needs to be paid for. Through innogy’s IT backend they are intelligently networked.

Software from the cyber security and threat intelligence system supplier Infotec protects all the data traffic on the e-charging structure including all the communication between the charging station and the back-end system and the data exchange. Harting’s MICA edge computing system reads the data from the charging station to provide an individual consumption statement.

However, for Harting, sustainability starts long before the charging station. With innovative concepts, components, customised offers and many years’ experience, the company is a technology partner for the whole process chain, from the generation of renewable energy with wind turbine systems, through transformer stations and transmission lines to normal and fast-charging stations, creating a meaningful and future-oriented link between the energy transition and the movement towards electric mobility.

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