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A development from APT Skidata enables car park operators to adjust parking tariffs based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicles.

APT Skidata has launched a new feature that allows car park operators using an APT Skidata system to set individual parking tariffs according to the CO2 emissions of the vehicles.

The system uses automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to identify and record each vehicle as it enters a car park and compare the license to a database that includes details around CO2 emissions.

Pete Brown, APT Skidata’s Managing Director, says that tariffs can therefore be set to reward those who are more environmentally friendly: “Car park operators and local authorities are increasingly looking to address the environmental impact of cars on the local area,” he explains. “By being able to charge customers according to CO2 emissions, they will be able to effectively reward users for driving more fuel efficient vehicles, especially in busy town and city centres.”

Mr Brown says that where surcharges are put in place for vehicles with the highest emissions, the additional revenue gained can be used to help offset the car park’s carbon footprint: “It also allows tariffs to be set to allow free parking for drivers of Electric Vehicles (EVs),” he adds. “All customers with a Skidata system will be able to access this new feature and tailor their tariffs according to their green strategy.”

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