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Bosch will be at CES 2016 with its latest innovations in smart vehicle connectivity including haptic touchscreen technology and retrofit eCall modules.

Bosch will be attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in January to present a wide range of technological developments relating to smart homes, Industry 4.0 (IoT) and Smart cities. The company will also have a presence in the North Hall at the event where it will be providing insight into connected mobility on stand number 2302.

Amongst the innovations on show on the Bosch stand will be:

Touchscreen with haptic feedback: Haptic elements supplement the visual and acoustic interaction with the touch screen. The simulation of various surface textures makes it possible to recognize individual elements by touch. Users place a finger on what appears to be a button or key. They then have to press more firmly on the virtual button to activate it. This reduces driver distraction, as they no longer have to visually check what
they are doing. In terms of appearance, the haptic touchscreen looks no different from a standard display. Bosch has already received a CES 2016 Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category for this screen.

Connected Horizon: Even today, the electronic horizon provides data on inclines and the sharpness of bends to complement navigation data. The connected horizon will build on this by adding current, dynamic data relating to traffic jams, accidents and mobile construction sites. This enables drivers to travel more safely and with an even better picture of the road ahead.

Bosch mySPIN: A smartphone integration system that smoothly integrates the smartphone into the vehicle, ensuring safe in-car use. This means drivers can continue to use their favourite apps safely and in the usual way, both for iOS and Android smartphones. The apps are pared down to show relevant information only and displayed and managed via the vehicle display. To ensure minimum disruption and maximum safety, they have been specifically tested for use while driving.

Wrong-way driver alert: In Germany alone, some 2000 warnings about wrong-way drivers are broadcast each year. In most cases, however, the warning comes too late, since such incidents generally end after an average of 500 meters – in the worst case with fatal consequences. Bosch is developing a new cloud-based system designed to provide a warning within ten seconds or so. As a pure software module, this alert function can also be inexpensively integrated into existing infotainment systems or apps.

Highway pilot: The highway pilot takes over driving on freeways. Sensors monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and the car combines this information with extremely accurate and up-to-date map data. This allows the driver to sit back and relax on most freeway routes while the car drives with a high degree of autonomy. Bosch is already testing this technology on public roads in the USA, Germany and Japan, so the highway pilot could be ready for mass production by 2020.

Retrofit eCall: Using the sensor-supported Retrofit eCall adapter, anyone can retrofit their cars with the pan-European automatic emergency eCall service. The adapter is suitable for all vehicle types; it plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter and connects with a smartphone app. If the integrated sensor registers a crash, it sends data such as the car’s current location to the app, which passes it on to a control centre. A further practical feature is that the adapter’s USB slot can be used to charge devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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