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Virtual driving simulator from rFpro at JSAE

Visitors to the Japanese Automotive Engineering show will see the latest Driver-in-the-Loop simulation developments from rFpro.

Visitors to the JSAE Expo 2016 (Yokohama, Japan) have been able to test ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technologies in a virtual environment with traffic in real time thanks to software from rFpro. The company is demonstrating its technology, which significantly reduces the time and cost of ADAS development, on Concurrent Nippon Corporation’s stand at the show.

“The JSAE demo has been a vivid way to showcase our capability to accurately test ADAS technologies in real time with a member of the general public at the wheel,” explained rFpro’s technical director, Chris Hoyle. “How the sensors, control systems and the driver interact is a big part of ADAS development. The sooner you can introduce a driver into the development loop the sooner you can identify potential issues, significantly reducing time and cost.”

Over the last two years rFpro has seen a steady increase in the use of its software to test the ADAS toolchain with a human driver in control. Testing ADAS on a simulator means that the entire system must run in real-time. To make this possible the company has developed a new product, called SENSOR_IG that can generate realistic data feeds, in real time, for sensor models of cameras, radar, LiDAR and ultrasound sensors.

This allows vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to confirm their ADAS technologies behaviour and validate their response to the unpredictable conditions encountered on public roads and its interaction with a real driver. Control of traffic and weather conditions provides an accurate and repeatable way of carrying out development work.

The interactive demonstration at JSAE 2016 leaves visitors with a lasting impression of the capabilities of the latest DIL simulators because it populates the virtual environment with other traffic which responds intelligently, in real time, to the driver’s actions.

Since teaming up in 2014, rFpro and Concurrent Computer Corporation have been providing new levels of fidelity and realism in Driver-In-the-Loop (DIL) simulation. Concurrent’s expertise in hard real-time systems are combined with rFPro’s graphics engine and ADAS testing toolchain, allowing real-time testing of algorithms, ground truth validation and control systems. This provides the lowest latency available on the market, enabling the realistic simulation of ride, handling, steering, safety systems and other high frequency events.

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