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IO-Link sensors with dual channel capability for new automation control concepts

Dual channel IO-Link sensors optimise flexibility and extend the boundaries in automation applications

Sensor specialist BAUMER has released a new range of IO-Link sensors with dual channel capability to allow users to explore and develop new automation control concepts.

While IO-Link sensors transfer signals via pin 4 and offer the flexibility of being used either for switching or bi-directional IO-Link communication, these Dual Channel sensors go even further by enabling the transmission of additional signals parallel to the IO-Link channel. This enables users to utilise two channels simultaneously.

Their pin 2 is assigned with a sensor-specific signal, for example like switching or input or output. This allows for different control concepts to be enabled because using the Dual Channel frees up the IO-Link channel for other tasks.

The IO-Link channel is still capable of transferring cyclical process data and acyclical data at the same time because the data is transmitted separately which means it’s possible to get at least the diagnostic data in parallel to process data.

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