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BOB Assistant provides predictive maintenance information for water treatment works

BOB Assistant provides water treatment facilities with predictive maintenance intelligence to combat wet wipe blockages in sewer equipment.

The monitoring and preventive maintenance of drainage pumps and equipment is gaining in importance for treatment plants around the world at the moment.

More than ever before, the problem of wet wipes being flushed is reaching new magnitudes as more people are using them for disinfecting surfaces and cleaning their hands. Such wipes get caught on misaligned pipe joints choking sewer lines and wrapping around pump motors, causing clogs, excessive strain and infrastructure damage.

Wastewater treatment facilities are reporting issues with their sewer management collection systems and wipes are among the leading causes of sewer system blockages, impacting sewer system and treatment plant pumps and treatment apparatus.

To combat this, IoT company myDevices and infrastructure connectivity experts at eolane have launched the BOB Assistant, a predictive maintenance system for industrial equipment with embedded artificial intelligence. It gathers data related to the performance of equipment such as sewage pumps, providing insight into the machine’s current health, helping predict future breakdowns.

This industrial IoT system makes use of machine maintenance schedules and service logistics, helping ensure uptime and reduce costs by decreasing traditional onsite visual inspections with remote monitoring. Place the sensor directly on machines and it will learn and analyse the natural vibration patterns for that specific machine in that specific environment over a 7-day learning period. After the machine learning is complete, it will send SMS and email alerts if the sensor detects anomalies that exceed the threshold of the established baseline.

“Water treatment facilities are facing an increase in sewage pump clogs posing an additional public health risk amidst the pandemic,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO & Founder of myDevices. “The financial cost of downtime can be significant and hurts the bottom line. With the myDevices and BOB Assistant, facilities with industrial machines can go from costly corrective maintenance to preventative and predictive maintenance.”

The BOB Assistant with embedded artificial intelligence enables mechanical performance optimisation and energy savings. According to Henri Juin, CEO of eolane, the BOB Assistant was created to cope with the many Industry 4.0 challenges to implement predictive maintenance. “No wires, it’s off-network and requires zero configuration to make it the industries’ first autonomous predictive maintenance system,” he says.

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