Sensor hubs bring advanced analytics to wearables

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A new range of sensor hubs for mobile and wearable devices creates a new level of physiological analytics for health and fitness.

Bosch Sensortec has revealed a new generation of sensor hubs, the first to feature optimisation for Firstbeat’s innovative physiologically-based analytic capabilities.

The new BHV250 and BHV160 sensor hubs are Android Wear compatible and each represents an all-in-one sensor subsystem. In addition to Firstbeat analytics, these sensors offer best-in-class sensor fusion software, an optimised FUSER Core microcontroller, MEMS inertia sensors and the lowest power usage available in the market. Support for a wide-range of different PPG chipsets is offered.

Firstbeat’s involvement with the development of these sensor hubs ensures that they offer signal data from the body in a way that is optimal for use with Firstbeat’s advanced physiologically based analytics. The result of this collaboration between Firstbeat and Bosch is a highly integrated product that offers flexibility to developers and manufactures and accurate physiologically-based insights for consumers

Optimisation for Firstbeat’s widely-used analytics, small size, and ultra-low power consumption makes these sensor hubs especially well-suited for use in popular applications that feature always-on physiological sensing like fitness wristbands, earphones and smart textiles.

According to Bosch, “The unique combination of the Bosch’s Vital Sensor Hubs with Firstbeat’s extensive vital analytics software enables a rich user experience by providing the tools for sleep analysis, calorie expenditure calculation, fitness training evaluation and monitoring of stress and recovery. The myriad of future applications is only limited by the designer’s imagination.”

This product announcement marks a continuation of successful collaboration between Firstbeat and others in the wearable and mobile technology sectors.

Commenting on the release, Bosch Sensortec’s VP of Marketing, Jeanne Forget-Funk said, “With this all-round sensor subsystem, our customers can now focus on providing added value to their end users, confident in the knowledge that they have a highly integrated, ultra-low power solution. With the fitness tracking and wearables markets expanding so rapidly, we await with great interest the explosion of innovation that will be triggered by this technology.”

“Firstbeat’s revolutionary analytics software creates a digital model of a user’s physiology through advanced modelling of heart function and heart rate variability (HRV). The Bosch sensor subsystem provides the accurate data and flexible programmability that enables our software to deliver new insights to users at ultra-low power consumption,” concluded Joni Kettunen, CEO and Co-founder of Firstbeat.

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