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Calibrator firmware upgraded with semi-automatic test point routines

Creating calibration routines for vibration sensors has been simplified with semi-automatic test point generation using portable calibrators.

PCB Piezotronics (PCB) has announced Calroute, a new firmware upgrade developed by PCB sister company, The Modal Shop, for the Portable Vibration Calibrator, which delivers semi-automatic generation of test points to simplify calibration routines.

Ideal for installations with many vibration sensors of the same model, Calroute enables repetitive calibration routines to be generated. Test routines are set up on a laptop or desktop computer before being transferred to the Portable Vibration Calibrator via a USB memory stick, allowing multiple sensor models to be calibrated without having to reload data.  Running these routines on vibration sensors is straightforward.

On the Model 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator, an indication of pass or fail status is clearly displayed on the calibrator’s screen in real-time during testing. Test results are then recorded onto the same USB memory stick for later transfer back to the computer where ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificates can be printed. This simple process allows a vibration expert to set up tests and hand them off to a technician, even someone with no vibration testing experience.

PCB’s Mike Scott, Industrial Product Manager, commented, “Calroute offers customers a simple way to generate test routines for all kinds of vibration sensors including charge mode and 4-20mA vibration transmitter devices. Its development is part of PCB’s ongoing commitment to customers and is backed by a support team of Customer Service Representatives and Application Engineers.”

The Calroute upgrade is complemented by two additional improvements for Model 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrators. The low frequency range of the device is extended from 7Hz to 5Hz. A new firmware option, 9110-MC, adds “modulated current” sensor calibration capability and displays sensitivity in µA or mA per engineering unit.

PCB and The Modal Shop have a full line of Portable Vibration Calibrators, designed to simplify onsite vibration testing.

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