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HARMAN is buying TowerSec to bring embedded ECU, infotainment and telematics security expertise into connected and autonomous vehicle designs.

HARMAN has announced that it is acquiring automotive cyber security company, TowerSec. Specialising in network protection for connected vehicles, TowerSec’s technology will be integrated into HARMAN’s 5+1 security architecture aimed at protecting the critical points of vulnerability in the connected and autonomous car, including hardware, network and Over The Air (OTA) updates.

HARMAN’s CEO, Dinesh Paliwal, is determined that security should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of functionality as the demand for increased vehicle connectivity and autonomy accelerates. “By acquiring TowerSec’s network protection software and gaining the expertise of their highly experienced security engineers, we will build on HARMAN’s 5+1 security framework, already the most comprehensive in the industry, and ensure that we remain one step ahead to protect existing and future connected systems.”

TowerSec’s speciality is the development of embedded software security for real-time protection of vehicles from harmful software and hacking attacks. The automotive focused company’s core products protect the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and  the telematics/infotainment elements using the embedded ECUSHIELD product which is used in any ECU for the protection and detection of any hacking attempts, intrusions or critical communication disruptions and TCUSHIELD for protection of the infotainment and telematics systems from potentially harmful wireless communications.

These two products will now be integrated into HARMAN’s systems.

Saar Dickman of TowerSec commented, “We have been partnering with HARMAN as a supplier in the past but now we will make use of the Company’s scale and experience to meet the demands of our target markets. We are excited to work within HARMAN to ensure cars on the road today and those designed for tomorrow are protected against cyber attacks and other intrusions.”

“OEMs around the world choose HARMAN for our innovations, services and integration expertise. With security a critical component of connected cars and autonomous driving, HARMAN is investing in cutting edge technologies to lead the industry,” added Paliwal.

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