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Molex and Blackberry collaborate on providing an automotive network communication platform for V2x with built-in security.

Molex has teamed up with BlackBerry on the development of a 10 Gbps Ethernet Automotive Networking platform designed to increase data bandwidth in intelligent connected vehicles. The new Molex network platform integrates very reliable high-speed data transmission, prioritisation, scalability and BlackBerry’s advanced embedded security systems.

“Secure high-bandwidth Ethernet represents the future of in-vehicle and V2X connectivity,” said Eric Scott, advanced technology manager and lead architect, Molex. “The 10 Gbps Ethernet Automotive Network supports secure and reliable data transmission between multiple hardware and embedded software systems enabling end-to-end data integration and data prioritisation for intelligent vehicles.”

Based on a future-ready, automotive-grade high-speed gateway, the powerful 10 Gbps Ethernet platform supports legacy and evolving media modules, peripherals and other embedded software systems. This comprehensive platform makes use of the following BlackBerry technologies:

* BlackBerry QNX Neutrino SDP 7.0 RTOS, which provides high performance and enhanced kernel-level security through an array of features including microkernel architecture, file encryption, adaptive time partitioning, a high-availability framework, anomaly detection and multi-level policy-based access control.

* BlackBerry Certicom’s Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Service, to securely provision, authenticate and communicate between modules and other vehicle ECUs and peripheral devices connected to the network. In-vehicle connections can be made via Ethernet IP-based devices or LIN, CAN, USB and other supported legacy communication protocols. As part of the PKI, BlackBerry Certicom is providing an efficient and powerful Elliptic-Curve Cryptography (ECC) method that can also be extended to communications between the vehicle systems and the cloud.

“Molex and BlackBerry believe that robust and secure high-speed Ethernet will become the fundamental automotive networking technology as we approach and enter the autonomous era,” said Jim Alfred, vice president and GM of BlackBerry Certicom. “BlackBerry’s embedded security will ensure the growing amount of data collected and used in a car is trusted and secure.”

The Molex 10 Gbps Ethernet Automotive Network features secure over-the-air software and firmware updates and diagnostics over IP to help avoid the need for vehicle recalls and enabling in-vehicle security and diagnostics over IP. Compatibility with existing network components provides OEMs the design flexibility to accommodate different vehicle communication architectures and integrate evolving new technologies.

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