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Digital automatic scanning and measurement of log loads improves efficiency

Sweden reduces wait times for logging trucks through digital scanning technology

Swedish forestry specialist, is taking further steps towards achieving resource-efficient and digital forestry operations through the use of advanced three-dimensional image analysis of wood deliveries. This will enable the company to increase the efficiency of transport and boost the added value of the wood.

According to Andreas Rastbäck, Marketing Director at Holmen, this method makes wood scanning more accurate and the whole process more efficient. Unmanned measurement terminals offer the possibility to be open around the clock, creating greater accessibility and fewer queues.

“In this way, we can make better use of transport resources, which is good for both the work environment and the climate,” says Rastbäck.

During wood scanning, the timber truck drives in through an unmanned measuring rig where the logs’ diameter and solid volume percentage are read digitally. The information is immediately sent on to a log measurer, who then quickly informs the driver that the load has been scanned and whether it has been approved for the plant it is heading to. This means more accurate scanning of the volume on which payment is based and faster unloading.

The first measuring rig is destined to be installed at the railway terminal in Vännäs with a further one to be installed at Holmen’s paper mill in Hallstavik, followed by one at the paper mill in Braviken. To this end, Holmen has signed an agreement with the Jönköping company Cind for the supply of measuring rigs, cameras and technology.

“Holmen’s strategy to digitise and streamline its wood measurement process fits well with our operations. They will be the first to use our new solid volume calculation function, and I look forward to upcoming joint development efforts in other areas where machine learning will be an important component,” says Marcus Schelin, CEO at Cind.

Digitisation in forestry creates opportunities to gather and process data, making it easier to improve support for intelligent planning and decision-making for the forest industry.

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