Scania to deploy software platform for its modular designs

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Scania design to be based on 3DExperience platform
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The modular approach taken by Scania to its vehicle design is being enabled with the use of the Dassault Systèmes design platform.

Dassault Systèmes and Scania have formalised the process to deploy the 3DExperience platform and other DS products at the commercial vehicle manufacturer.

The cooperation aims to enable cost-efficient design, testing and validation of the complete range of Scania’s high-quality modular products. It will improve realistic simulations of functional properties and processes, such as engineering, manufacturing, service and sales. This will further support Scania in providing the right products at high quality to customers, as well as a more cost- and resource-efficient product development process.

“Scania’s renowned modular system opens up innumerable variants of products and the continuous introduction of design changes,” said Michael Thel, Engineering Director, Scania. “This requires a comprehensive repository of designs that can be joined together in building the applications of the customer’s choice. The 3DExperience platform will help improve simulation for faster validation of our vehicles. It will also enable full traceability and digital continuity from design to manufacturing throughout our unique virtual product development processes.

“I believe that our 3DExperience vision, so beyond the usual product design focus prevalent in industry today, was key in formulating our approach to Scania’s needs,” said Olivier Sappin, Vice President, Transport & Mobility Industry, Dassault Systèmes. “The 3DExperience platform and its ‘Modular Glocal & Secure’ industry configuration provide digital continuity to accelerate innovation, improve product quality and performance, and reduce costs in the context of mass customisation and complexity. Scania will experience these benefits across its entire operations.”

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