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Ricardo is providing its perspective on autonomous vehicle safety at this year’s Automobility event in Michigan.

Ricardo will publish a white paper that details the importance of safety case development to support the public introduction of autonomous mobility, based on the pioneering international work of Ricardo Rail in ensuring the safety of autonomous vehicles on both the railway and highway.

Automobility 2016 – Reimagining Transportation – will provide an open forum for all participants to share ideas in assessing the challenges and opportunities as autonomous cars, connected vehicle technologies and advanced mobility services revolutionise the automotive industry. In addition to focussed sessions with experts examining design, technology, regulatory and business issues, the event will culminate in a unique, interactive exchange among technical and industry panel members, and delegate attendees.

The summit is targeted at company leaders at a time when the traditional value chain of automotive manufacturers and suppliers are vying with a host of new competitors to transform how people and goods will move within and between cities. Given the importance of this event, Ricardo has chosen to participate as a Gold Sponsor of Automobility 2016, and will be publishing a new white paper to coincide with it: Building a Safety Case for Automated Mobility: Smart Cities and Autonomous Mobility – Getting There Safely.

“Ricardo is pleased to be able to participate in Automobility 2016 as a Gold Sponsor, and to share some of our insights and experience on the crucial area of safety case development,” commented Ricardo David McShane, executive vice president of business development and strategy. “In many respects the international railway industry has been many years ahead of the automotive industry in the development of safety cases for autonomous and automated systems. Ricardo Rail has applied its extensive skills base and experience in this area to transfer its knowledge to autonomous vehicle systems projects in Europe and elsewhere, including truck platooning and autonomous public transport vehicles. The way that road vehicles move within smart cities will be transformed, bringing forward a new paradigm for increased efficiency, asset utilisation and most importantly safety. Through this new white paper, Ricardo shares our unique perspectives and insights to ensure safety in this future era of autonomous transport.”

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