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Harman and Microsoft collaborate on driver productivity

HARMAN and Microsoft collaborate on bringing improvements to in-car productivity without compromising driver safety.

Infotainment and vehicle connectivity specialist HARMAN has entered into a collaborative partnership with software giant, Microsoft to provide new mobile productivity services. These services will complement the existing range of technologies available to the vehicle occupants including the use of cloud platforms and telematics.

The emphasis though will be on being able to offer improved convenience, safety and reliability and will integrate key elements of Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite capabilities into HARMAN infotainment systems.

No safety compromise

Access to the Office 365 services will be made through intelligent personal assistant software which enables drivers to complete tasks without compromising safety.

Such tasks can include scheduling meetings, hearing and responding to emails, automatically joining conference calls without having to manually input the phone number and passcode, and seamlessly managing events and tasks.

When the vehicle is in park or when the car is being controlled autonomously, drivers will also be able to hold Skype calls and conferences.

Speaking about the collaboration with Microsoft on providing additional productivity to a market that demands a more immersive and personalised experience in the car, HARMAN’s Phil Eyler said, “This collaboration will bring these functions to market with, importantly, great reliability, security and minimal driver distraction.”

Microsoft’s executive vice president of business development, Peggy Johnson believes that the driving experience will be transformed by combining the power of Office 365 with HARMAN’s connected car systems.

“By ensuring that Office 365 services are seamlessly integrated with car and driver telematics and performance data, we will allow consumers to be more productive during their driving hours, while enjoying far greater convenience, safety and reliability,” she concluded.

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