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Harsh environment tubular LED fittings

A range of low maintenance LED tube luminaires has been released by R Stahl for use in extreme environments such as marine applications.

Unlike conventional linear luminaires that are ill-equipped to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, particularly over extended periods of time, the new 6036 series of low maintenance LED tube lights from R Stahl are designed to perform reliably over long periods of time in harsh conditions. The explosion-protected LED tube lights are suitable for use in potentially explosive gas or dust atmospheres, as well as for extremely hot or cold temperature environments.

The 6036 series of LED tube lights withstand temperatures down to -55C, making them suitable for cold applications such as LPG exploration in Arctic regions. At the other end of the spectrum, the LED tube lights can withstand temperatures up to +60C, maintaining their performance even in fluctuating ambient conditions.

Rugged and lightweight, the 6036 series of LED tube lights are available with an IP66, IP67 or IP68 ingress protection rating, making them suitable for offshore marine applications. The LED tube lights are vibration-proof and impact-resistant up to IK 10. Available in 0.75m, 1.1m, and 1.4m versions, these durable LED tube lights feature a nominal lifespan of 80,000 hours. While their design is very rugged, the LED tube lights are incredibly lightweight, with a maximum weight of 2.45kg – less than half that of comparable linear luminaires on the market. These low maintenance LED tube lights are also suitable for general lighting purposes and for use as machine lamps. Due to their slim design, the lamps are easy to install even in difficult-to-access locations.

Alan Mellows, Managing Director at R Stahl comments: “As well as being low maintenance, 6036 LED tube lights are also extremely energy efficient. Overall power consumption is around half that of conventional box-type units [specific power consumption per 100 lx is just 1.5 W/m²]. Operating costs are therefore significantly reduced – realistic cost savings vary from 20% to more than 50%, depending on the relevant time frame and the specific solutions being compared.”

In addition to ATEX and IECEx certificates for Zones 1/21 and 2/22, the 6036 LED tube lights feature various regional approvals for most of the major markets (EAC TR CU, Gazpromnadzor, UL do Brasil, GL). The versatility of the 6036 series is further enhanced by the choice of connection cables: while H07RN-F is the standard, users can choose from Thermflex, low-temperature, special offshore cables, or cables that are high voltage-proof up to 1kV.

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