Robust UHF antenna brings I4.0 to distribution

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UHF antenna for rail applications
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RFID train recognition brings the domain of Industry 4.0 to harsh and remote railway distribution environments.

Designed for the application of Industry 4.0 in the distribution environment on railways, the extremely robust and reliable Ha-VIS RF-ANT-WR24 UHF antenna range from HARTING has been developed to make it ideal for creating gates for container tracking and identifying platforms where the antenna is installed directly under train. The antenna is also suitable for applications in conditions of extreme temperature.

Adding to the existing HARTING UHF RFID product portfolio, there are three models in the new antenna range. The WR24-i is ideal for Industrial use. The minimalistic design and N connector also make it suitable for special gate applications such as train recognition on the railway track.

Made of stainless steel, the WR24-r is ideal where a mechanically robust device is a must. This design also comes without a connector on the antenna. All antenna features are designed for installation in extreme conditions – under the train, for example.

And the WR24-t is the HARTING solution for implementing UHF applications in environments with special temperature range requirements. This antenna can even operate at +150 ° Celsius.

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