Robust position indicator for 20mm shafts

| Information and Communication Technology

Elesa 2755 - DD52R-E position indicator

Elesa releases a direct drive shaft position indicator with protection from ingress of dust or water.

The new DD52R-E direct drive electronic position indicator from Elesa fits larger 20mm diameter shafts while offering IP65 or IP67 sealing for arduous environments on industrial equipment of all kinds where high accuracy measurement of shaft position is required. This enables machine setting, counting or position monitoring to be achieved while providing an excellent easy to read six digit display that is legible in any position, with an 8 year battery life.

The flexibility of electronic menu setup allows the DD52R-E to be customised for orientation, absolute or incremental read-out, in metric or imperial – or for angular display in degrees, while of course being re-programmable at any time to suit a new application or new process.

The high degree of dust and water protection at IP65 or IP67 means that the unit is suitable for applications that require frequent wash-down, even with high power water jets, eg in food, pharmaceutical or similar environments.

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