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Robust LED beacons for use on marine vessels

A range of beacons for marine vessels has been developed with a lifetime of 100k hours with built-in count down to failure.

Glamox has launched the Aqua Signal Series 60 and Series 61, two long-life LED navigation lights with integrated countdown systems.

Navigation lights are all about safety. Glamox has developed Series 60 and 61 to eliminate any concerns about failing lanterns. Series 60 and 61 navigation lights are designed to last for 100,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 45°C. That’s twice the life of most competing products.

Robust design

According to Ola Wiik, Head of Product Development in the GMO division, to achieve this kind of longevity the design must be robust and all components must be high quality.

“This includes high quality LED driver technology and use of materials such as seawater-resistant aluminium, polycarbonate and hardened tempered glass, which can withstand harsh weather and fluctuating temperatures. The system lifetime of the LED light source and driver is 11 years, given a continuous runtime of 24 hours a day at an ambient temperature of 45°C,” he commented.

Integrated countdown system

Having a lantern fail or reach its end-of-life at sea is a hazard that any captain wants to avoid. Series 60 and 61 are equipped with a countdown system that lets the user know when it’s time to replace the navigation light. To make the system tamper-proof, the timer is integrated in each lantern, while the message is communicated and displayed in the control panel. The system reflects the use of the lantern, whether it is exposed to cold temperatures and harsh weather or conditions with less wear and tear. This system provides added safety for the vessel.

Low emission

There are strict requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for lanterns that should be installed close to VHF antenna. The Aqua Signal Series 60 and 61 have a low emission level and are tested to comply with the emission and immunity requirements of the IEC 60945 standard.

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