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Alpha Connect cordsets and accessories

Alpha Connect range provides connectivity for factory automation including cables and connections which are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

Aerco has added Alpha Connect high-performance products for industrial connectivity from Alpha Wire to its cord sets and accessories portfolio.  Alpha Connect addresses the rapidly growing industrial automation market and provides an end-to-end method for connecting sensors and actuators on the factory floor, ensuring reliable and safe communications that increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Alpha Connect’s products include M8, M12, M23, MINI and RJ45 cordsets; M8 and M12 passive distribution boxes, splitters; M8, M12 and MINI field attachables and receptacles.  As the Alpha Connect system offers environmental sealing and products are IP65, IP67, IP68/NEMA 6P and IP69K compliant, no additional enclosures are needed for protection.  Exceptional environmental and mechanical ruggedness means Alpha Connect is suitable for use in all industrial environments, including wash down areas, conveyor systems, pick and place systems and many more. Stainless steel models with IP69K protection and washdown capabilities are also suitable for food and beverage applications, as they offer protection against corrosion and aggressive chemical and cleaning agents.

Aerco’s Cable, Wire & Accessories Sales Manager, Nicki Setterfield comments: “We are delighted to be able to offer the new Alpha Connect product line to our customers with no minimum order quantities on standard products.  Cordsets are available in 0.6m, 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m standard putup lengths and we also offer custom designs using Alpha wire and cable products.”

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