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A thermal imager connect system kit provides technicians with the ability to conduct infrared inspections using Fluke IR cameras whilst remotely capturing current measurements.

Fluke has introduced new Thermal Imager Connect System kits featuring thermal imagers that utilise the new Fluke Connect system, enabling the transfer of measurement data from the test tools to smart phones and the cloud, and thus improving maintenance team communication, safety and productivity.

A Fluke Thermal Imager Connect System Kit enables the safe capture of AC current measurements with the iFlex module up to 20 metres away from the digital multimeter, while simultaneously conducting an infrared inspection with a Fluke infrared camera. All the inspection and measurement data can be uploaded to the Cloud via a smart phone or mobile device. These results can then be analysed and shared for each piece of equipment from anywhere, with any authorised team member.

The Fluke Thermal Imager Connect System Kits include those containing a rugged Fluke Ti125, Ti110 or Ti105 infrared camera with a Fluke Connect test tool and module. The Fluke Ti105, Ti110 and Ti125 are designed to help professional users – plant maintenance and troubleshooting technicians, industrial and commercial technicians, HVAC/R professionals and electricians who need to maintain and inspect electrical and mechanical equipment and components – do more in less time, in the harshest of environments. They all feature IR-Fusion technology, which blends digital and infrared images into a single image to precisely document problem areas, and SmartView professional IR analysis and reporting software, a professional suite of analysis and reporting tools for viewing, annotating and editing infrared images.

The Fluke Ti110 and Ti125 thermal imagers also feature the IR-OptiFlex focus system, which offers automatic focusing with a manual focus option for close-ups; IR-PhotoNotes annotation system, which allows the capture of up to three digital photos per thermal image file, enabling the exact recording of equipment models, nameplates and other useful information; voice annotation; and multi-mode video recording, which allows the user to record focus-free video in visible light and infrared with full IR-Fusion capabilities – the user can monitor processes over time, troubleshoot frame-by-frame, and create infrared video reports; and electronic compass capture, helping to track the location of a problem.

The CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V Fluke 3000FC Wireless Multimeter offers AC and DC voltage measurements to 1000V, and AC/DC current measurement with 0.01mA resolution, as well as continuity, resistance, diode test, capacitance and frequency measurements. The a3001FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Module includes a true-RMS flexible current meter and a Fluke iFlex i2500-10 flexible current probe, capable of measuring up to 2500A AC and logging up to 65,000 readings. These can be used as part of the Connect system or as a standalone meter.

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