Reliability analysis available in system modelling tool

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Version 4.1 of Wolfram’s SystemModeler provides engineers with increased levels of functions for modelling and simulation including reliability analysis.

Generating computer models for cyber-physical systems is being made easier for test, quality and reliability engineers with the latest release of Wolfram’s SystemModeler, a well-established program which provides an easy-to-use modelling and simulation environment.

According to Jan Brugard, the CEO of Wolfram MathCore, the version 4.1 release of the simulation software features a range of new functions including the integration of the complete suite for reliability analysis, which shows where to concentrate engineering efforts to produce the most reliable products, estimate where failure will happen, and price warranties accordingly.

with more than 24 applications added or improved in version 4.1, the upgrade represents a comprehensive improvement to SystemModeler, which now includes the ability to import models as well as exporting them, including import capabilities from such tools as Simulink, Flowmaster and IBM Rational Rhapsody using the FMI standard.

Subsystems can also be imported, including control system models from other tools. These can then be integrated with Modelica models within the SystemModeler framework.


* Models can be exchanged without exposing intellectual property
* The program has the ability to organise systems in series, parallel or other desired structures
* Hierarchical models can be constructed containing reliability block diagrammes and fault trees

Performance improvements also feature in version 4.1 with the graphical user interface supporting operations which are up to 50 times faster.

SystemModeler 4.1 provides the modelling and simulation environment required by engineers in a range of industries including automotive, defence and aerospace, pharmaceuticals and biomedical.

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