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NI introduces enhanced software to enable the gathering of multiple sensor information across the IIoT for monitoring assets and reducing maintenance costs.

National Instruments has announced an enhanced version of NI InsightCM Enterprise software, a product that helps companies gain insight into the health of capital equipment for machine maintenance and operations.

With more than 30 years of measurement experience and as an active contributor to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, NI developed the new version of NI InsightCM Enterprise, an end-to-end software product that addresses some of the growing challenges in the asset monitoring industry. The variety of sensors, speed of measurements required and vast number of commissioned assets create a Big Analogue Data problem. NI IIoT technology platforms, such as NI InsightCM, DIAdem and CompactRIO, include distributed sensor measurement, edge processing, analytics and open communication and data management. These features help solve Big Analogue Data problems by delivering timely information rather than large volumes of unfiltered data to subject matter experts.

“NI InsightCM provides a huge base of out-of-the-box functionality for our traditional rotating machine monitoring customers. We like that it natively supports multiple data sources, such as accelerometers, thermocouples and Modbus, plus common analysis and display capabilities. And, as providers of monitoring systems, we especially appreciate the extensive customisation features and use of open standard data files. Now, when our clients ask for any unique features, we can modify NI InsightCM directly. The combination of extensive features and openness to configurability makes NI InsightCM an ideal machine monitoring platform,” says Jim Campbell, President of Viewpoint Systems.

This online fleet-wide monitoring product is ideal for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, mining, rail and industrial manufacturing. Companies that need to reduce maintenance costs, improve machine performance and maximise uptime can benefit from NI InsightCM.

Key Benefits include:

* Workforce Multiplier for better coverage over more assets with the same staff of maintenance professionals.
* Multiple Measurement Tools in One combine physical vibration and temperature measurements with MCSA electrical measurements in the same enterprise software.
* Complete Accessibility enables full access to your data and connect with third-party enterprise software packages, such as CMMSs, SCADA, database historians and prognostics tools.
* Scalability providing the ability to start with the most critical, problematic assets and then scale over time to hundreds of ancillary assets with NI InsightCM Server as you roll out over your fleet.
* Flexibility by Using the new NI InsightCM Software Development Kit to add connectivity to third-party hardware, custom analytics or support for any of the 100+ sensor modules available for the CompactRIO hardware platform.
* Adjustability. Built on an open technology platform, NI InsightCM can better adjust to how you operate your business rather than you adjusting to a vendor

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