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Millbrook RDE facility gains Vehicle Certification Agency approval

Millbrook is able to carry out light vehicle real driving emissions testing following approval from the Vehicle Certification Agency.

Millbrook has achieved Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) facility approval for testing to RDE package 3 (light vehicle real driving emissions). The number of checks required following a test is now reduced, meaning that fully compliant certification tests can be completed more quickly and efficiently. This helps to streamline the development process, while reaffirming the confidence that the testing will be completed to the correct standards and in compliance with the regulations.

Millbrook permanently hosts a number of VCA engineers at its proving ground in the UK. This enables official procedures to be carried out with fewer logistical delays, allowing maximum responsiveness.

In addition to testing to the latest regulations, Millbrook is fully equipped to adapt to future demands. It has developed a comprehensive development tool, using its many years of experience. The software tool has been created to meet all requirements of the VCA regulations and can be quickly modified to meet future requirements. A number of tailored features available with the software enable Millbrook to get more value out of the data, giving customers additional insight from a certification test.

“We have been at the forefront of the evolution of the technical Regulations and the equipment in this area, ensuring excellent knowledge and understanding of the procedures and the best approaches. This latest approval formally acknowledges that. We are proud to support our customers’ programmes through development and certification,” said Phil Stones, Chief Engineer – Propulsion, at Millbrook.

In the UK, Millbrook’s test capabilities span two sites, the Bedfordshire-based proving ground and the test facility in Leyland, Lancashire. All of the PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement Systems) in use by Millbrook have been certified under the approval, each meeting the latest European RDE package 3 regulations.

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