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RSSB has launched a competition to discover the best innovation for reducing track maintenance and improve passenger comfort through vibration reduction.

A £4.5m co-funded innovations competition has been launched by RSSB (formerly known as the Rail Safety and Standards Board) to decrease the cost of track repair and running gear maintenance, which can decrease vibrations and noise and help to improve comfort for passengers.

Funding will be available for winners who propose innovations which make technical improvements to rail vehicles, reducing track damage, wheel and suspension maintenance costs, and increase the use of vehicles for both fast and slow lines.

Neil Webster, RSSB Future Railway Programme Director, commented: “The costs associated with repairing and maintaining track damage and vehicle running gear is a long standing challenge for the rail industry amounting to an estimated cost of £350m plus per annum. Improving the technology not only opens up the opportunity for greater flexibility for the use of trains on both slow and fast lines but also help improve the levels of comfort experienced by passengers.”

A detailed briefing workshop held in March will provide organisations with the opportunity to discuss the competition scope in detail and collaborate to find solutions together.

This competition aims to encourage technical improvements to vehicles which will help the delivery of the Rail Technical Strategy (RTS) through decreased costs, potential capacity increases and improved customer experience. Although vehicle dynamics covers a large range of aspects of vehicle behaviour, the key area of focus for this competition is the interaction between the running gear and the rails.

The competition is now officially open for applications. To register your interest and to apply to attend the workshop visit the RSSB website’s Future Railway Programme page.

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