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EBI Sense predicts preventive maintenance requirements for railway networks

Wireless sensors and cloud analytics combine to provide predictive maintenance scheduling service for railways signalling

Rail technology supplier Bombardier Transportation has launched its EBI Sense digital service for predictive maintenance. Focused on rail signalling, it embraces Bombardier’s rail control experience, modern digital tools and advanced analytics. The service converts asset performance data into powerful insights, enabling infrastructure operators to manage maintenance more efficiently, reduce disruptions and enhance railway availability.

“The launch of our innovative, cloud-native, predictive maintenance service for signalling is a transformative step towards realising the benefits of digitalisation for railway performance. Developed through a combination of technology and expertise combined with the latest exciting digital enablers, EBI Sense is a true reflection of our commitment to continuously innovate and add value for our customers across their system’s entire lifecycle,” said Richard Hunter, President, Rail Control Solutions, Bombardier Transportation.

Adding to Bombardier’s extensive services portfolio, EBI Sense is ideally suited to widely distributed rail systems with a high number of trackside assets such as point machines and track circuits. It brings together Internet of Things (IoT) as well as cloud and machine learning with advanced, secure data collection and analytics to predict equipment failures and schedule maintenance. Unique wireless sensors, cloud-native systems and flexible web-based interfaces, enable rapid deployment with no disruption to operations. Using machine learning, it automatically improves analysis through experience and anticipates asset performance. As a subscription service, EBI Sense brings simplicity and predictability of costs, and with the end-user in mind, intuitive interfaces and reports offer customers a simplified workflow process.

Developed by Bombardier’s Rail Control Solutions’ Services Team based in Sweden, EBI Sense adds a new dimension to the Bombardier Optiflo suite of rail control services. Bombardier has a long history of innovation in modern rail control, from pioneering the first computer-based interlockings and automated train control systems, to continuing to advance in the digital arena with technologies like EBI Sense today.

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