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Award for exceptional quality from rail manufacturer Hitachi Rail
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Harting has been recognised by Hitachi Rail for the quality of its connector products for keeping the data flowing between carriages.

Having long been known for its high quality products, the HARTING Technology Group has recently received another award for exceptional quality from rail manufacturer Hitachi Rail.

Hitachi Rail presented the prize to three representatives of HARTING: Mr. Bernd Fischer, General Manager Corporate Regional Management, Peter Hannon, Managing Director HARTING UK and Marcello DiGregorio, Managing Director HARTING Italy, as part of a partner day in London.

Hitachi Rail had selected HARTING from among more than 150 suppliers. HARTING is considered preferred connectivity supplier. HARTING develops and manufactures cabling for carriage transitions (so-called jumper cables) for Hitachi’s AT200 and AT300 trains. The cabling ensures secure data transmission.

All rolling stock manufactured by Hictachi Rail are equipped with a wide range of Han, DC1 and DC2 connectors.

“We’re very pleased with this award. It not only demonstrates the quality of our products, but also underscores HARTING’s expertise in tailor-made customer products in the railway sector,” says Bernd Fischer, General Manager Corporate Regional Management at HARTING Technology Group.

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