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Companies supplying radio enabled equipment, such as IoT devices, have until the middle of June to become compliant to RED directive.

From 13 June 2017, radio equipment placed onto the European Market must comply with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). From that date, all radio equipment that is placed on the market must comply with RED, including products that were approved under the previous R&TTE (Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment) Directive.

However, if the product batch is already placed on the market under R&TTE prior to 13 June 2017, then it can remain on the market. On the other hand, if a subsequent batch is placed on the market after 13 June 2017, then it must comply with RED.

The RED directive affects more suppliers and more products that would previously have to have been tested. It now means that anything which is “radio” equipped, including WiFi enabled wearables or IoT devices has to comply with RED.

Planning for RED?

For companies unsure of how to approach the issue of compliance to RED, RN Electronics has the expertise to assist in preparations and can undertake testing to harmonised RED standards and draft standards as well as performing gap analysis for products that were tested under the R&TTE Directive to determine any new testing requirements.

RN Electronics is a UKAS accredited Radio Test Laboratory and has gained recognition for EMC and Radio testing. The company’s engineers have many years’ experience in radio/wireless product testing, including RF design troubleshooting, certification and Antenna testing.

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