Push in connectors for drives and controls

Weidmuller 2.50 mm pitch Omnimate

Pluggable Weidmüller 2.5mm BLF Omnimate signal connectors offer high signal density in a compact form factor.

Astute Electronics is now supplying the OMNIMATE 2.5mm (AWG12) push in spring interconnect system from Weidmüller, a compact, functional connection system designed especially for controls, I/O systems and signal interfaces in drive technology. OMNIMATE Signal BLF 2.50 and SL2.50 connectors combine a very small footprint with easy handling and excellent functionality.

The new BLF 2.50 OMNIMATE signal plug-in connector and the associated SL 2.50 male connector is a Low Mating Force (LMF) system featuring a space-saving design optimised for wire cross-sections of up to 0.5mm and a pitch dimension of 2.5mm maximum.  Its speedy Push In connection system saves valuable time thanks to an integrated pusher which makes opening the contact point easier.  A further feature is an additional test point which enables user-friendly service measurements on the device.  The SL 12.50 male header has two available outlet directions in various device designs to ensure accessibility even in confined spaces.

“Weidmüller is well-known and respected for its innovative device connectivity solutions, and especially for controls, I/O systems and signal interfaces in drive technology, the market requires ever more compact interconnects with superior functionality.” Comments Gary Evans, E-mech Divisional Manager at Astute Electronics. “OMNIMATE 2.5mm connectors are an excellent choice, combining these factors with ease of handling and time-saving features such as the integrated Push In connection system.”

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