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The AQ6315A wideband optical spectrum analyser from Yokogawa offers a general purpose optical testing range from 350 to 1750nm.

The new AQ6374 is the successor to the Yokogawa and ANDO-branded AQ6315A wideband optical spectrum analyser. Featuring diffraction grating based monochromator technology delivering high-precision measurement performance and accuracy, an enhanced user interface and an air purging feature, the new instrument offers engineers a powerful benchtop tool for general-purpose optical spectrum measurements over the wavelength range from 350 to 1750 nm.

“The capability of measuring over such a broad wavelength range made the original AQ6315A a very valuable test instrument for those R&D centres who carry out research on light spectra from the visible region to the L-band region”, says Terry Marrinan, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, for Yokogawa Test & Measurement Europe & South East Asia: “The new AQ6374 achieves superior operability and measurement times up to 40 times faster than its predecessor, and also offers a number of new features including the air purging system.”

By inheriting and enhancing the control technologies originally developed for the AQ6370 series, the AQ6374 model achieves superior operability and measurement speeds up to 40 times that achieved by the AQ6315A. The ability to sample 100001 points of data (100 times as much as the AQ6315A) enables measurement over a broad wavelength range with high resolution, while data-transfer rates during remote control via Ethernet are up to 100 times faster than for the AQ6315A.

The measurement performance achieved by the monochromator technology include a wavelength resolution setting from 0.05 to 10 nm, a wavelength accuracy of ±0.05 nm (at 633 and 1523 nm) or ±0.2 nm (from 350 to 1700 nm), a level accuracy of ±1.0 dB, level sensitivity of -80 dBm (from 900 to 1600 nm), a measurable power range from -80 to +20 dBm, a close‐in dynamic range of 60 dB (peak ± 1.0 nm, resolution 0.05 nm), and a sweep time less than 0.5 sec.

Internal data storage of 512 Mbyte is included, and external data storage is supported via a USB interface. Ethernet RJ-45 and GP‐IB interfaces are also incorporated. A built‐in calibration source is provided for a full-automatic optical alignment and wavelength calibration, which takes just a few minutes.

The new purging feature is designed to minimise the influence of water-vapour absorption on spectral measurements by continuously supplying a pure purge gas such as nitrogen (or just some dry air) to the monochromator through dedicated connectors on the back panel.

The AQ6374 features an ergonomically designed graphical user interface for maximum user friendliness, incorporating elements such as a full text menu, aggregation of measurement conditions, display of a “hard key” menu the same as the panel layout, and a trace setting menu.

Thanks to its capability of measuring over a broad wavelength range, the AQ6374 is the ideal Optical Spectrum Analyser for those R&D teams who are testing light sources, optical filters and sensors operating in the visible range as well as in the telecom range of the spectrum.

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