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Safety technology for future motorists to feature at conference presentation which Autoliv is making at the NAIAS event in Detroit.

During its attendance at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) event in Detroit this week, auto safety specialist Autoliv is making a presentation detailing its achievements at the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference.

The focus of the presentation is on the integration of advanced safety technologies with autonomous driving features, which are being demonstrated at the event on vehicles containing the technology that are being launched at the NAIAS event.

These demonstrations of active and passive safety represent important milestones in the company’s ambition to save 150,000 lives every year.

Autoliv recently also became a member of the Volvo initiated DriveMe project which is the world’s first large-scale, long-term test of autonomous cars.

The vehicles highlighted at the Detroit Auto show include:

Volvo XC90: driver airbag, steering wheel, inflatable curtains, passive safety electronics, active seatbelts with pre-tentioners and battery safety switch.

Honda Civic: 24 GHz radar, driver airbag, steering wheel, passenger airbag, side airbag and inflatable curtains.

Mercedes E-Class: Hardware and software for stereo and mono vision cameras, 77GHz radar, ADAS electronic control unit, driver airbag, steering wheel, passenger airbag, knee airbag and rear seatbelts with pre-tensioning.

Volvo S90: driver airbag, inflatable curtains, steering wheel, active seatbelts with pre-tensioners, battery safety switch and passive safety electronics.

Tesla X: battery switch and innovative door mounted side airbags for its Falcon doors.

Honda CRV: 24 GHz radar, driver airbag, steering wheel, passenger airbag, inflatable curtain, side airbag and seatbelts with pre-tensioners.

Chrysler Pacifica: 24 GHz radar, driver airbag, inflatable curtain, knee airbag and seatbelts with pre-tensioning.

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