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Industrial camera harsh environment housing

IVS has released a versatile camera housing for the protection of cameras used in industrial vision systems from exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Machine vision specialists at Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) have enhanced the company’s product offering with the launch of a new enclosure to protect vision system cameras placed within harsh working, industrial environments. The IVS-SVP camera housing, which supports all standard IVS camera options, is readily available for current IVS customers. It can also be used alongside third party vision system cameras, meaning the camera housing can be purchased separately.

In terms of accessibility, the front of the enclosure cover can be easily removed to provide the user with full access to the vision system camera and optics, allowing changes to the focus and aperture settings.

The camera housing also fosters flexibility; it is designed to readily accommodate large diameter lenses and it boasts telescopic adjustment to allow the lens to be altered close to the viewport to minimise reflections.

Ready to mount on standard fixings, the enclosure also includes an anti-reflection optical viewport and, at the rear of the product, the IP65 cable gland is configurable to provide a watertight seal around one or more cables. The housing is designed to be used in automotive, medical device, pharmaceutical and food production environments.

Commenting on the new camera enclosure, Earl Yardley, Industrial Vision Systems Director said, “It will help protect the thousands of cameras at risk from dust, dirt, water and oil mist and enhance the performance of the vision systems at our customer sites across all industry sectors.”

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