Prognostics for maintenance in Industry 4.0 environment

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Senseye is attending an Industry 4.0 event with demonstrations of its automated condition monitoring software for connected machinery.

Senseye will be giving live demonstrations of its automated condition monitoring and prognostics software, featuring Remaining Useful Life calculations at the “Connected Manufacturing 2017” conference in Birmingham over the 1st and 2nd of November.

Senseye Sales Manager, Kamran Farooq will present a special talk on “Prognostics, the key to Predictive Maintenance”, discussing how Senseye’s use of prognostics enables manufacturers and industrial companies to easily get an understanding of the Remaining Useful Life of their machinery and reduce unplanned downtime by up to 50%.

“Senseye is ready to automatically analyse data collected from Industry 4.0 machinery, helping companies to save money and improve their maintenance accuracy by up to 85%!”, says Kamran Farooq, Senseye Sales Manager.

Senseye will be exhibiting its software with live demonstrations on stand CM21a throughout the event dates.

Connected Manufacturing is dedicated to ‘Industry 4.0’, which provides opportunities for suppliers to meet and do business with a large range of attendees from sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, rail and marine.

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