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Miniature humidity probe to measure changes in relative humidity in cleanrooms

Miniature humidity probe provides fast response time for measuring changes in humidity for air handling units or space-constrained climatic chambers.

Finnish environmental and industrial measurement specialist, Vaisala has now launched an extremely compact smart probe with fast response times to add to its range of humidity sensors. The Humicap HMP9 Humidity and Temperature Probe is designed predominantly for industrial applications, where fast thermal response, measurement performance and long-term stability are essential. The probe is particularly useful in monitoring humidity in cleanroom air handling systems and climatic chambers, where space is a constraint.

The tiny HMP9 probe is characterised by very high measurement accuracy and superb thermal response time in a compact package. The miniature probe weight only a few grams and the probe head is just 5 mm of diameter. The low thermal mass of the probe offers superior response time compared to corresponding capacitive humidity measurement products on the market. Its compact body not only adapts to the changing environment more quickly, but also makes it suitable for installation in tight spaces, which allows measurements in locations where traditional sized probes are unable to fit.

Measuring rapid changes

The HMP9 is designed for rapidly changing or condensing environments. The smart probe is optimised for dryers, air handling units, test chambers or other systems and processes where measuring humidity can make a difference in saving energy or improving the product or the process.

With the humidity and temperature balance being a critical factor in many cleanroom environments, the probe is or particular interest to cleanroom facility operators for keeping such environments in specification.

However, the probe also brings added value to a variety of applications or locations with temperatures under 120°C (248°F) that don’t involve high pressure, but where the accurate humidity and temperature measurement is a critical factor.

Not just humidity

In addition to relative humidity and temperature, the HMP9 smart probe provides measurements of other calculated humidity parameters, such as dew point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, water concentration, water vapour pressure and enthalpy.

The new HMP9 contains a Humicap sensor that provides industry-standard humidity measurement performance. The sensor is equipped with a chemical purge option, which heats the sensor to remove harmful chemicals, helping to maintain measurement accuracy between calibrations.

Smart and modular

The probe is one of the new generation of “smart” measuring devices that have had their dependence on other systems removed. This results in a probe that can measure and operate autonomously and can be linked to other devices for data acquisition or for further processing of the information processed by the device itself.

By making the HMP9 smart, Vaisala is enabling its use within the scope of Industry 4.0 digital enterprises by having an open interface and by processing the data it collects at the point of collection.

As such, the Vaisala HMP9 is part of a modular product family, which Vaisala calls “Indigo”. The HMP9 is plug-and-play compatible with the Indigo 201 and Indigo 202 transmitters, which can provide local displays and analogue or digital outputs when needed. The probe can also be used as a standalone device with a digital Modbus RTU output. For on-site configuration, diagnostics, and calibration, the probe can be connected to Vaisala Insight PC Software.

The range of connectivity, DAQ and analysis options for the device makes it very flexible for deployment in a range of industrial applications.

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