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ClearMotion has set up operations on MIRA Technology Park to benefit from the extensive testing facilities available at the location.

Automotive proactive ride system developer, ClearMotion, has expanded its testing to the UK, taking residency at MIRA Technology Park.

Occupying brand new workshop space at MIRA Technology Park, the Boston-based predictive road-sensing technology company will use the facilities’ skills, test and development infrastructure to better access and expand it’s EU customer base. The Midlands-based technology park is an integral part of ClearMotion’s research and development process and will be the main European test centre used by the company.

Using a combination of actuators and software, ClearMotion’s proactive ride technology responds to road conditions instantaneously, mitigating vehicle movement across any type of terrain and improving the in-car experience for passengers and the driver. ClearMotion offers an unrivalled level of comfort within vehicles, alongside the response times and agility of world-class sports cars. Such technology signifies an important step in the industry-wide move towards autonomous driving, enabling passengers to successfully multitask whilst in the car including drinking coffee, reading a newspaper or writing a business proposal free from jostling and bumps. ClearMotion will continue to develop its technology at HORIBA MIRA, tapping into the technology park’s extensive range of testing facilities, including its world-renowned ride and handling circuit.

The expansion to MIRA Technology Park follows an exceptional year for ClearMotion. In 2017, the company closed a $130 million investment, forged partnerships with Bridgestone and Qualcom and later acquired Bose Corporation’s active motive control business, strengthening ClearMotion’s product range. ClearMotion’s new facility at MIRA Technology Park provides ready access to extensive testing facilities and a world-renowned ride and handling test circuit.

“It’s an incredible time to be in automotive technology as we see game-changing innovations coming to market faster than ever,” said Shakeel Avadhany, CEO and co-founder of ClearMotion. “As an innovator, we constantly look for ways to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of what our technology can do. MIRA Technology Park gives us a world class place to do just that. Its extensive test facilities will be an important piece of the puzzle to building an unrivaled product for automotive manufacturers.”

“ClearMotion has an exciting future in the European and international markets and we look forward to seeing them bring their technology to the UK,” said Terry Spall, Commercial Director at MIRA Technology Park. “Choosing to move to the Midlands and to MIRA Technology Park, demonstrates how strongly the region is performing in autonomous vehicle software and technology. This will only continue to grow as more businesses like ClearMotion utilise the skills and expertise the region has to offer.”

Since 2010, MIRA Technology Park has welcomed over 35 globally-recognised businesses to the site. It has also become one of the UK’s top performing Enterprise Zones and is rapidly gaining recognition as a premier location in Europe for automotive research and development. The technology park continues to expand, with the MIRA Technology Institute set to open later in 2018, which will help to create specialist skills in some of the new disruptive technology areas such as electrification and driverless car technologies.

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