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Subsea pressure and level sensor

Range of sensors built to withstand the corrosive properties of sea water enable subsea pressure and depth measurements to be made reliably.

Instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems has launched a new range of subsea pressure and level transmitters. The sensors are suitable for a variety of subsea pressure and level measurement applications in depths of up to 3000 metres and external pressures of up to 300 bar.

Manufactured in the UK by Impress Sensors, the SS series of subsea pressure and level transmitters are suitable for continuous submersion in seawater. The transmitters use a ceramic pressure sensor, which provides excellent corrosion resistance for harsh seawater applications. The transmitters are fitted with a choice of subsea-certified connectors and locking sleeves to suit specific customer requirements. The SS transmitters are suitable for a wide range of subsea oil and gas, marine and offshore applications, including pressure, level and depth measurement on unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and other subsea hydraulics systems.

The sensor can be customised to suit the application. The housing is available in a choice of seawater-compatible materials, including 316L stainless steel, high grade Duplex stainless steel or Marine bronze. Nominal pressures are from 1 bar to 400 bar. All sensors in the series provide dual independent, 2-wire, 4-20mA outputs, with no signal loss over long cable lengths. The sensors are calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number and calibration certificate. Operating temperatures are from -20C to +60C in non-freezing media.

The electronics incorporate a microprocessor-based amplifier with level measurements made possible by RS485 Modbus RTU serial communication. Impress provides a standard software package which enables the user to re-range, calibrate and adjust some parameters of the device. There is also a facility to data log via the software, which is useful for checking installation and behaviours of the application.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “Because we manufacture the SS sensors in-house, we can offer different versions tailored for specific customer subsea applications. For example, we can provide different pressure ranges, level ranges or material options. We can also customise the transmitters to provide dual pressure and temperature measurement capability.”

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