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Vibration testing with measurement partner suite software

Sound and vibration measurement has been made easier with the introduction of the Measurement Partner Suite of software for post-processing meter readings.

Brüel & Kjær’s Measurement Partner Suite post-processing software and Type 2250 family of sound level meters have been updated to make measuring sound and vibration easier for environmental consultants.

Measurement Partner Suite has been improved to support measurement uncertainty according to ISO 1996:2007. With the software’s guidance, acoustic engineers are helped through the difficult task of estimating their measurement uncertainty due to instrumentation, operating conditions, ground and weather conditions – and residual sound.

The turnkey software has also been enhanced to support BS 4142:2014, the British standard governing the way environmental assessments are performed in the UK. It now simplifies calculating and reporting rating levels (including objective tone and impulse assessments) when assessing industrial and commercial noise, measuring sound levels at proposed new residential dwellings and investigating complaints.

In addition to these improvements, Type 2250 and Type 2270 portable sound level and vibration meters have been updated to measure peak particle velocity and vibration criteria. Peak particle velocity is measured on sites where activities may damage surrounding structures. Vibration criteria are specified parameters environmental consultants must consider when surveying potential locations for vibration-sensitive machines.

“Keeping up with changes to standards can be difficult for environmental consultants. Our updates will deliver a new class of functionality in one complete system,” said Brüel & Kjær Environmental Measurement Market Manager Mike Turner. “We’ve expanded our platform to cover more of the tasks our customers face when meeting standards and overcoming sound and vibration measurement challenges.”

Measurement Partner is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art platform that supports acousticians throughout the entire sound measurement process. Elements include Wi-Fi enabled sound level meters, post-processing software, cloud storage, a smartphone field app and an online community.

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