Positioning system for high load DUTs

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Balanced high load platform provides precise positioning of large devices undergoing EMC testing.

MVG-Orbit/FR, an established manufacturer of advanced positioning systems for the antenna measurement industry, presents one of its newest product lines: the AL-438X AZ/EL medium duty positioners.

MVG-Orbit/FR has applied its 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of near-field/far-field planar scanners and advanced drive mechanism positioners, in the development of a new line of high performance AZ/EL medium-duty positioners.

These new positioners provide a sturdy, accurate, balanced rotation platform in both azimuth and elevation for devices under test weighing 270 and 6000kg. Their more symmetrical low-profile design allows for reduced reflections and improved torque. They are a welcome addition to the heavy-duty performance series positioners from Orbit/FR as they also include a counter-weight option which brings flexibility to measurement configurations.

The new product line introduces improved capabilities upon its performance series models with a vertical load  of up to 25% more, 10% more delivered torque [+30% with counter weight] and higher DUT loads while maintaining overall system stability and accuracy using the counter-weight option.

These positioners can be used as a stand-alone system in far-field or near-field antenna measurements, indoors or outdoors. They are also applicable in more complex positioning structures as a subsystem, such as for RCS or radome measurement systems. These high-performance dual axes AZ/EL medium duty positioners will benefit the Aerospace and Defence industries as well as the Telecommunications sector.

Test labs needing a positioner for devices such as 1m x1m phased arrays, or BTS antennas, which can weigh between 270 and 6000kg, now have access to a positioner in closer proportion to their size. A second advantage is noticeable in the counter-weight option. If slightly higher loads are required, users can add the counter-weight option instead of purchasing a larger heavy-duty positioner.

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