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Miniature data loggers acquire data from a vast range of sensors and instruments

Range of small data-logging DAQ instruments can be attached to sensors to ease acquisition and analysis.

In response to the rapid evolution of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), miniaturisation and smart factories, Tinytag Instrumentation has added the Instrumentation range of voltage, current and count data loggers to the diverse family of Tinytag data loggers.

These data loggers can be connected to a variety of third-party sensors, enabling the user to measure properties such as pressure, flow rate, rainfall and footfall. The Instrumentation range can be adapted to a variety of user applications such as people counting, weather monitoring and building management.

Tinytag Instrumentation data loggers are available in two models. The robust Plus 2 Instrumentation loggers have waterproof casing and are ideal for rugged outdoor applications, while the View 2 model has a digital display for spot-readings and hardy splash-proof casing.

Voltage data loggers measure from 0 to 25V DC, current loggers from 0 to 20 mA DC, and count loggers record up to 14,000 counts per logging interval.

User Friendly

With higher resolution and accuracy than previous models, faster download speed and battery monitoring circuits, Tinytag Instrumentation data loggers are also very easy to use. Their portability means that no wiring is necessary and their lightweight, compact design means that they can be easily moved between locations. Each data logger can be factory-configured to custom specifications so that the device shows readings appropriate for the sensor it is connected to, allowing the user to take the measurements that they need without complex setting up.

Each customised data logger is provided with a unique reference number, allowing customers to place repeat orders of their unique logger without resubmitting scaling information. In addition, if there’s a need to change the sensor that the logger is connected to, a rescaling service is available to make this possible.

With 32,000 reading capacity and two-year battery life, Tinytag Instrumentation data loggers can be deployed in a variety of different applications both in industrial settings as well as commercial and environmental applications. Some of the non-industrial applications of the data loggers are:

People Counting – Tinytag Instrumentation data loggers can be integrated with people counters to provide an effective method for visitor monitoring, both indoors and outdoors in museums, national parks and other public amenities.

Rainfall Monitoring – The data loggers can provide accurate results when monitoring rainfall. Pulse measurements taken by the data logger can be rescaled in spreadsheet applications to represent rainfall. The information can be used to understand environmental changes and inform flood warning systems.

Water Management – Monitoring the output and function of utilities is key to optimising building management. Tinytag data loggers can be used to measure flow rate so that where and when water is being used, as well as peak flow times, can be identified, enabling informed changes to be made to improve building efficiency.

Climate Change Research – Historic patterns of climate change can be recorded and understood by using Tinytag data loggers. Drip patterns in caves can be measured by count data loggers to demonstrate how levels of rainfall have changed throughout history.

Building Conservation – Tinytag Instrumentation data loggers can be used with solarimeter sensors to monitor sun and sky solar radiation and the effect these factors have on the condition of historic buildings.

According to Nigel Palmer of Tinytag, the loggers can monitor almost any condition by interfacing to a vast range of sensors. “With custom configurations available in just 10 working days, this new family enables customers to rapidly deploy efficient data logging to measure the conditions that matter to them,” he concludes.

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