Photodetector for measuring ultraviolet light

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Opto Diode has announced the SXUV20C, a low-noise, extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photodetector that features a large 20 mm² circular active area. The new device has superior responsivity in the 1nm to 200 nm wavelength region. It is specially designed to be stable over long periods of time when exposed to high intensity EUV energy. The 20 mm² circular active area provides a substantial surface for easy alignment to the EUV laser.  The SXUV20C offers superior hardness in extreme UV environments while providing lower noise than the previously released SXUV20HS1 device.  The new photodetector joins Opto Diode’s family of SXUV photodiodes with varying active area sizes to meet your most critical measurements, speed, and power monitoring performance objectives. Additional features include high photon flux robustness, minimum shunt resistance of 50 MO, reverse breakdown voltage (typical) VR: 1R = 1µa 10 volts, and typical capacitance of C: VR = 0V 3nF.  The low-noise EUV photodetector is housed in an industry-standard TO-8 package for easy integration into most UV laser systems. Operating and storage temperatures range from -20C to +80C and from -20C to +100C respectively.

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