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Kinestral and AGC have joined forces in the production of glazing products for construction and transport industries that dynamically changes transparency.

Dynamic glass specialist, Kinestral Technologies, has entered into a strategic partnership with the AGC Group (AGC), a manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials. The partnership will accelerate the market introduction of Kinestral’s fast switching dynamic glass products.

The companies will collaborate to complete development of dynamic glass products, build a large scale manufacturing plant and jointly market and sell dynamic glass products using Kinestral proprietary technology throughout the world.  The partnership builds on the successful collaboration between Kinestral and AGC that has seen the start-up and operation of Kinestral’s pilot production line in Hayward, CA.

Kinestral’s new dynamic glass provides on-demand light management for increased comfort and energy efficiency in residential, commercial buildings, transport and other applications. Kinestral glass switches electronically from transparent to darker tints to block solar heat and glare, while allowing more daylight and clear views in any tinted state.

Kinestral dynamic glass looks like natural clear glass in its transparent state and blocks up to 99.9% of transmitted light in its darkest tint, offering privacy levels of darkness. It allows uniform and fast switching across a glass panel. Electrical power is used only during switching; no power is consumed when the glass is in a static state.

“Kinestral was founded to support a more sustainable and comfortable world.  We have developed new chemical materials and device structures to enable dynamic glass with unprecedented optical performance and switching speed”, said Dr Sb Cha, CEO of Kinestral Technologies.  “Our strategic partnership with Asahi Glass will combine our technology with the capabilities of this glass company, enabling us to enter global markets quickly with beautiful, responsive and affordable dynamic glass products.”

“The trend to nearly zero energy building is reducing the use of glazings in favour of thick opaque walls, or concealing them behind solar shading systems. AGC is committed to remove these constraints by introducing a range of energy efficient glazing products that will at the same time create emotional ties with people by connecting them to their environment”, said Jean-François Heris, General Manager of the Building Glass Division of AGC.

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