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Automotive computer vision systems

Kyocera and Tessera Technologies have entered a partnership agreement for the development of intelligent automotive vision systems.

Tessera Technologies subsidiary, FotoNation, has partnered with Kyocera in the development of advanced, intelligent, vision systems for automotive applications. Within the partnership agreement, the two companies will jointly develop advanced computer vision systems for the automotive market.

More stringent safety regulations and the promise of semi and fully autonomous vehicles are creating tremendous technology demands from automotive manufacturers and OEMs. By using the systems that are being jointly developed by FotoNation and Kyocera, they will not only be able to enhance driver and pedestrian safety, but will also be able to accelerate the adoption of semi and fully autonomous vehicles.

Kyocera provides rear-view cameras to the automotive industry. This experience provides the company with a deep understanding of the automotive industry’s future requirements for vision systems. Incorporating higher levels of intelligence into Kyocera’s camera systems will enable the company to bring new, feature-rich products such as surround view cameras to market.

“These technologies will provide a safer driving environment for occupants and pedestrians in urban areas, by enabling cars to see and interact with drivers,” said Norio Okuda, Manager, Kyocera. “FotoNation is focused on delivering complex computational imaging for automotive applications, and together we will develop technologies that will transform the future of driving.”

A pioneer in developing advanced computational imaging algorithms, FotoNation provides best-in-class hardware accelerated imaging for a number of automotive applications including driver monitoring systems (DMS), driver identification, surround view, e-mirror, smart rearview cameras and 360 degree occupancy monitoring.

“Increasing interest from the automotive industry for vision systems to enhance vehicle safety represents an opportunity for significant growth for FotoNation, driven mainly by adoption of our advanced imaging systems by tier-one automotive suppliers and OEMs,” stated Sumat Mehra, senior vice president of marketing and business development at FotoNation. “Kyocera has a strong reputation and we are pleased to be working with them as a valued technology partner to bring these cutting-edge vision systems to market.”

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