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Anton Paar signs acquisition deal with CILAS
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Acquisition brings additional particle analysis, measurement and characterisation technology to the Anton Paar portfolio of products.

Anton Paar has expanded its product portfolio for particle characterisation through the acquisition of the corresponding division from CILAS of Orléans in France). The PSA instruments are based on the light scattering principle or image analysis. They give information about the size distribution and shape of particles with applications ranging from investigations into dry powders to studies of particles in dispersions.

The new products will be integrated into Anton Paar’s existing business area Particle Characterisation. Jakob Santner, division manager of the Characterisation Business Unit said, “For Anton Paar, this acquisition is an important step to expand the portfolio in particle analysis. The instruments from CILAS are internationally acknowledged high quality instruments for the measurement of nanoparticles and microparticles and represent an excellent addition to our Litesizer product line. We now offer our customers measuring systems for an enormous measuring range. This begins with particles of the size of a single water molecule and ends with pebble-sized particles.”

CILAS has been developing cutting-edge laser technologies for more than fifty years. Philippe Lugherini, Chairman and CEO of CILAS said, “We are extremely happy that Anton Paar will continue this product line that we have pioneered for years now. The PSA business will definitely benefit from the global instrumentation strategy of Anton Paar.”

The instruments in the PSA series expand the current portfolio of instruments for particle size measurement based on dynamic light scattering, extend the available size measuring range with instruments based on the principle of laser diffraction, and add the technology of image analysis to Anton Paar’s product range.

The application areas are diverse. The pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in particular, as well as companies and institutions in the fields of cosmetics, food and building materials show specific interest.

Laser diffraction is capable of measuring size distributions of particles in dry powders or in liquid dispersions. The measurable sizes usually range from the upper nanometer range up to a few millimeters. Via image analysis, it is possible to gain insight into the shape of the particles. A practical example: the knowledge and control of the powder particle size and shape is used to increase the efficiency of medical products.

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