Palermo now offers all-electric car sharing service

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Renault ZOE in Palermo car share service

The electric Renault Zoe is being operated by the Italian city of Palermo in a carbon free car sharing service to reduce emissions in central city areas.

The city of Palermo has recently opened southern Italy’s largest public car-sharing service in which 24 of Renault’s all-electric city cars, the ZOE, will operate in the Sicilian capital.

The new service was opened on 7 October 2015 at a ceremony presided by Palermo’s mayor Leoluca Orlando. The electric car-share service is part of Amat’s Demetra project, which aims to reduce traffic in the city centre by means of an integrated car-sharing platform. Under the partnership, Enel installed sixteen 22 kW charging stations at strategic points throughout the city. The choice of an electric vehicle contributes to preserving the artistic and cultural Arab-Roman heritage of Palermo, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in July 2015.

The 24 Renault ZOEs in the car-sharing service will be available in five of the city’s carparks: Piazza Massimo, Piazzale Ungheria, Via Malta, Piazza Ignazio Florio and Viale della Libertà. The service will be extended to three more carparks by the end of 2015.

The ZOE showcases Renault’s technological innovation with the car’s development programme spawning more than 60 patents. This all-electric car is ideal for everyday city use and customer satisfaction among the 30,000 Renault ZOE drivers worldwide stands at 98%. The car is powered by a 65 kW electric motor and boasts a range of 210 km (with the Q210 power unit) or 240 km (with the R240) under the NEDC certification cycle, which represents from 100 to 170 km under typical real-life driving conditions.

At the Palermo charging stations, it takes just an hour to recharge the Renault ZOE batteries to 80%. For compatibility with the city’s car-sharing system, the Sicilian ZOEs are fitted with smartcard readers.

The Renault ZOEs serve in a number of other car-share systems throughout the world including Comos in Malaysia, the E-car Club in the UK and LetsGo in Denmark.

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