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Greater control and automated test methodology available to engineers using WaveStudio from Microwave Vision for Over-the-Air wireless device measurements.

The wireless device sector has lond demanded software for the improvement and optimisation of user experience when performing OTA (Over-The-Air) testing, data management and analysis.  As a result of this demand, MVG (Microwave Vision Group) has superseded its SAM software with its new WaveStudio OTA measurement software, which features major improvements to meet the needs of 21st century technology.

MVG WaveStudio has many automated features, making it user-, time- and cost-friendly.  Through its automated test methodology, MVG WaveStudio takes full control of all equipment in the system once a testing session is underway.  It allows engineers to program tests to run in batches or to repeat tests in a single step.

MVG WaveStudio is packaged as a 3 part software suite:

A free pre-processing module allows users to prepare batches of tests prior to a measurement session. This can be done on any workstation/PC, enabling the meausurement-dedicated (control) PC to focus on tests.

The licensed software part allows for the comprehensive data acquisition of automated OTA measurements. It also comprises post-processing capabilities, and the possibility to generate reports according to the requirements set forth by the standard bodies, such as CTIA & 3GPP.

The 3rd part is a free viewer which provides access to the measurement results via any PC. Results are easily recalled with practical filters and measurement plots are viewable in parallel windows for immediate comparisons.

The three parts can be used at different times and on different computers as part of the flexibility brought forth by WaveStudio and is a revolutionary change in the way OTA tests can be conducted.  MVG WaveStudio is designed to comply with CTIA/3GPP’s OTA requirements.  It delivers improved measurement capability and facilitates as well as shortening the time to complete the testing required for CTIA/3GPP certification.

With MVG multi-probe technology and WaveStudio OTA automation software, approved and certifiable by CTIA/3GPP, tests can be performed quickly and effectively, optimising test lab operations, increasing test throughput and ultimately gaining overall time to market of mobile devices.

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